Who is Manneken-Pis ?

Manneken Pis is the most famous fountain of Brussels. It is literally “the kid who pees.”
There are many versions of her story. See History and origin of Manneken Pis AND History of Manneken Pis told by himself

thumb2The current statue was made by Jerome Duquesnoy in 1619.
Size: 55,5cm
Weight: 17kg
Material: Hollow Bronze, lost wax cast.


Where is Manneken-Pis ?

The famous statue is located at the junction of Rue de l’Étuve/Stoofstraat and Rue du Chêne/Eikstraat.

Agrandir le plan

Clothes for the Manneken-Pis

The ketje is regularly dressed to honor associations or characters for example. There is a fixed schedule of skins and an events calendar.

Procedure of a gift
For each donation, a formal request must be sent to the College of Mayor and Aldermen. This is analyzed by a commission composed of members of the Friends of the Order of Manneken-Pis and representatives of the City of Brussels.
Costume making proposals can not have an advertising, commercial or political. Following the agreement of the College, an official ceremony is organized and on some occasions, the ketje thank the Assembly by debiting beer or other beverages in its own way. The new suit then joined the official wardrobe of Manneken-Pis, preserved in Brussels Museum.

How to offer a new “costume” to Manneken Pis?
Contact: Pascale Salesse – Chef de Service Culture à Ville de Bruxelles. 11 Rue Sainte-Catherine – Bruxelles 1000
Tel : 00 32 2 279 64 31 – Fax: 00 32 2 279 64 29

A new dress for Manneken-Pis :
Contact Nicolas Edelman.
Service Culture de la Ville de Bruxelles
Rue Sainte-Catherine 11 – 1000 Bruxelles
Tel : 02 / 279.64.11 – Fax : 02 / 279.64.09
Tel / Maison du Folklore et des Traditions : 02 / 514.53.97

More info on the wardrobe:
List of costume / Galerie des costumes / Calendrier des habillages

Frends of Manneken-Pis ?


In October 1954, a few friends decided to defend and promote the Brussels folklore through Manneken Pis.
They understood the symbolic importance that represented the prestigious statuette. In 1955, Mr. Leon Schaelken, journalist and municipal councilor in Brussels became president of the Association ofFriends of Manneken-Pis.

Other statues …

… Other “Pis”
The female equivalent of Manneken Pis there since 1985! Her name Jeanneke, and is dead street fidelity (installed in 1987).
See the article of May 11, 2013 : Manneken-Pis Pis Jeanneke celebrate Fair Trade Day
And for more information : www.jeannekepisofficial.com

And man’s best friend?
Also entitled to his statue. The Zinneke Pis, at the corner of the Rue des Chartreux and Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains, relieves himself on this post since 1999.

… Others Manneken
Multiple copies of Manneken Pis were installed worldwide. The first was given to the city of Grammont in 1745. The town of Koksijde also has a copy.
But this little guy does not stop in Belgium. France (Colmar, Poitiers and Moux), Spain (in Llança) or Japan (Tokyo, Kobe and Ossaka).