Manneken Pis

Manneken-Pis was at first a fountain that played an essential role in the former distribution of drinking water since the 15th century.
The system was well-known in all of Europe.

Towards the end of the 17th century, the statue became more and more important in the city life.
It was also a survivor of the bombardment of Brussels in 1695.
Manneken-Pis became a precious good and enjoys a ceaselessly growing glory.

During big events, we adorn him with luxurious clothes. We know that in the 18th century, Manneken-Pis was dressed at least 4 times a year. Since he lost his main function in the network of water conveyance of the City in the 19th century, Manneken-Pis gradually became an image and symbol of the Brussels folklore, the joy of the inhabitants and their capacity of self-mockery.

Last costume of Manneken Pis:

Manneken Pis Ethiopian

Exceptional ceremony of the Dressing-Up of Manneken-Pis with an Ethiopian folk costume. The event will include a toasting to Ethiopia and Belgium’s friendship at the Brussels City hall, as well as a procession towards Manneken-Pis and unveiling of the...

Théâtre Royal les Cœurs de Bois

“Manneken-Pis in the Théâtre Royal les Cœurs de Bois” : On the occasion of the opening of the 14th edition of “Guignolet dans le Parc” at the Parc de Bruxelles....

The Belgian Pride

The Belgian Pride association was created in 1996. In its early days we called it the “Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride Pink Saterday Samedi Rose”. This name was later changed to the shorter “Belgian Lesbian an Gay Pride” or BLGP. Since 2010, the organisation works under...

Manneken-Pis as Reporter Without Borders

Freedom of expression and of information will always be the world’s most important freedom. If journalists were not free to report the facts, denounce abuses and alert the public, how would we resist the problem of children-soldiers, defend women’s rights, or preserve...

Manneken Pis as Red Falcon

Red Falcons was the name of various socialist children’s organizations, popular in Europe and the United States which emerged during the First and Second World Wars. The first such group was founded in the early 20th century by Anton Tesarek, a socialist...

Manneken-Pis honors Suomi-Klubi

Suomi-Klubi a.s.b.l., the Finnish Association in Belgium, is a non-profit organisation, whose objectives are to establish and promote contacts between Finns living in Belgium, to make it easier for them to settle down in Belgium and maintain their connections with the...

Manneken Pis, as we know, the most faithful living and oldest citizen of Brussels

For the Manneken Pis, the homeland is the corner of the Incubator and Oak Street in Brussels.
It was Burgundian under the Dukes of Burgundy; German U Maximilian; Spanish under Charles V; beggars under the conditions; Austria under Maria Theresa; Republican in 1794; French under Napoleon; Almost Dutch under William; Belgian under Leopold; and we never saw him happier than today.

MannekenPis Gallery

In traditional dress, chic attire or sportswear, its wardrobe is constantly expanding.
Here we find an overview of the costumes recently worn by MannekenPis.