Chocolat Pelicaen

« Welcome to Pelicaen Chocolates – Your place for Belgian Chocolates. We are a typical chocolate shop in the heart of Brussels, close to « Manneken Pis » and the « Grand Place ». »

Le chocolat , terme d’origine mésoaméricaine1, est un aliment sucré produit à partir de la fève de cacao.
Celle-ci est fermentée, torréfiée, broyée jusqu’à former une pâte de cacao liquide dont on extrait la matière grasse appelée beurre de cacao… Source :





Encore plus de Manneken-Pis ?

Author: krek

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  1. Désolé mais je ne parle pas français. I have to write this review.

    We went into Pelicaen because from the window the display was brilliant and we were excited to look around. The shop was completely empty except for a lady and a man behind the counter who did not greet us or say anything to us.

    We had been in there maybe 3 or 4 minutes when a huge group of east Asian tourists (maybe 15-20 people, huge for such a small establishment) filled the room. We were at the back, far away from the counter.

    Suddenly my friends and I became aware that the lady behind the counter started literally screaming at us from across the shop to « GET OUT! GET OUT NOW! » and was waving her arms at us as if to shoo us out.

    We were mortified and wondered if we had broken anything or done anything wrong the way she was screeching at us like we were naughty children, and not 4 grown adults looking to make a purchase!

    We figured there must have been a mistake so we sort of made our way to the doorway – not quickly enough apparently – as another lady who worked there had appeared and came over to us and pretty much forced us out of the door!! She said, « This shop is famous, and it’s on TV, so groups have priority!! »

    So let me get this straight – either me and my friends are not « good » enough to be in this famous TV shop, OR, this was a racial incident as both the ladies who worked there and kicked us out rudely were east Asian just like the group who had walked in. I doubt it’s the latter but we were the only white people there and the only people to be kicked out.

    We received no apology. If they had come over and said « Excuse me, I’m terribly sorry but this group have booked the shop for the next half an hour, could you please return later? » we would have completely understood and been FINE. But to be shouted and screamed at and literally shooed out of a shop like we were flies was degrading and upsetting.

    We shall never return and will be telling everyone we know about this awful place.

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